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37,000 years ago our Adam and Eve were sent to this world to reveal the truth of Divinity that men and women are equal. Women and men are created with unique qualities and paths to Perfection, and from this understanding, as we work together, everything is brought into harmony. On every evolutionary world such as ours,  the mission of the Adams and Eves is to uplift humanity biologically and culturally, a fact of our history known to few.

I will share with you the truth from The Urantia Book (1955), our 5th and most recent revelation, and shed light on the misguided, crippling belief still embedded in our culture that women are the cause of humanity's fall from grace. Recently there has been speculation that Adam and Eve will return, this time to spiritually lift us up together into the New Age. What an amazing outpouring of love and mercy! and how fortunate we are! This blog is intended to help prepare you for that glorious eventuality.

Ernest  Clement

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