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Thank you for visiting our website!  I hope you enjoy articles, tweets, publication info and more presented here. I am currently somewhat hunkered down working on another book, so please forgive the decrease in online sharing. I am certainly alive, well, and happy and wishing the same for you.

Events have conspired to reveal much more of our collective underbelly as well as our valiant courage to change. This is encouraging to me and indicates we are indeed ready to step up into our purpose. Every person has or will have at least one main area of concern that prods them to awakening to our power together. I hope you are identifying that which triggers your sacred activism and, with love, running with it.

I greatly value your comments and warmly welcome you into the conversation.   Ernest


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The National Delusion, Revisited 4 – Releasing the Shadow of Judgment

The National Delusion, Revisited 4 – Releasing the Shadow of Judgment...

“Nothing around you but is part of you. Look on it lovingly, and see the light of Heaven in it. So will you come to understand all that is given you. In kind forgiveness will the world sparkle and shine, and everything you once thought sinful now will be reinterpreted as part of Heaven.”
p. 486, Text, newer editions, A Course in Miracles

How do we apply the principles of Love to those who orchestrated and carried out the events of 9/11? First of all, who were they? We have been told they were some crazed and disaffected jihadists from an alien culture, jealous of our freedom and striking out at symbols of our affluence and world power. They were not. Those who brought the message of 9/11 to public consciousness had to be individuals deep within our own power elites. No one else from any other culture could have had the wherewithal to bring us this sorrow.

The National Delusion, Revisited 3 – We Are Individual, But Not Separate

The National Delusion, Revisited 3 – We Are Individual, But Not Separate...

We have been looking anew at the events of 9/11, attempting to see the harmony and beauty of God’s universe in what seems to be a soul searing perversion of the dream of our more perfect union. We speak here of not just the Union of our United States of America but of union among the peoples of this world, which in reality is an event already accomplished, this union of my spirit with yours, and yours with mine. But in flesh and blood often we scoff and ridicule such lofty sentiment. How naïve can you be? In face of such terrible loss of life, what leave have you to speak of union? What world do you live in?

The National Delusion, Revisited 2 – A Demo of “Free Energy”

The National Delusion, Revisited 2 – A Demo of “Free Energy”...

Look again online (http://wtc7.net) at the sudden collapse of the 47-story steel frame skyscraper, World Trade Center 7, on fire but not hit by any airplane, at 5:20 PM on 9/11/2001, a day that looms as the final unraveling of the dream of our country. In more than a century of history with tall steel frame buildings, never has there been a collapse from fire. This is incontrovertible science. It is not possible that the “official” explanation of the events of 9/11 is true.

The National Delusion, Revisited 1 – A 47-Story Steel Frame Building Falls

The National Delusion, Revisited 1 – A 47-Story Steel Frame Building Falls...

The recent tragic bombing of the Boston Marathon prompted, not surprisingly, a renewed outpouring of conspiracy alarms. The last decade of trillion dollar wars, all to no credible purpose, does not ease the public mind when asked to accept official explanations. And regrettably, our mainstream media is polarized as never before. The blather that passes for “news” bombarding us round the clock is easy to pigeonhole. The conservative right apologizes for officialdom, even as they decry our loss of freedom, while the liberal left calls officialdom to task, while decrying our loss of freedom, the same as the right. Both sides see our freedom disappearing. When both sides of our polarized mainstream media agree, we have reason to be wary.