Part 6 – Half a Million Years

Early HumansErnest ClementComment

Andon and Fonta had nineteen children and lived to the age of forty-two, when they both were killed in an earthquake. Their first child, Sontad, assumed leadership and this original Andonic clan held together for twenty generations. Andon and Fonta were about thirteen when their first child was born, so assuming Fonta was still having children at the time of her death this gives you some idea of their procreativity.

Meanwhile, to see how truly remarkable Andon and Fonta were, let us step back and look at the big picture.

Part 5 - Andon and Fonta

EvolutionErnest ClementComment

The first human beings were twins, Andon and Fonta, who founded the human race 993 thousand years ago. Their parents were a different species, called Primates by The Urantia Book, a species decidedly superior to all the primates, the apes and monkeys, we know about. The Primates had perfect thumbs and feet and stood erect, but were not human. Andon and Fonta appeared suddenly, not by any sort of gradual mutation, and were physically superior to and radically different from their parents. Evolution is creativity in time, and this was an eruption of the creativity on tap.

Part 4 – The Implantation of Life

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To even broach the idea of a “first revelation” presumes there is someone to reveal to, who needs a revealing, or who would benefit therefrom. So how did we get here? The fact of our existence is too miraculous to believe that life just spontaneously erupted from the primordial soup, or that from simpler forms of life, over eons of time, we slowly evolved to be human.

Specific celestial beings were directly responsible for the implantation of life on planet earth. In our little corner of the universe of universes, called our local universe, there will be 10 million implantations of life, on 10 million different worlds, all with one destiny in Mind: that humans like ourselves will evolve, who will wonder at the miracle of it all, and speculate as we do about our Creator. 

Part 3 - Lake Van

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There is a large saltwater lake in eastern Turkey named Lake Van, just south of the Caucasus Mountains, which extend across the neck of land separating the Black Sea from the Caspian Sea. These are the highest mountains in Europe and form the border with Asia, at the periphery of ancient empires of Turkey, Iran, and Russia, where history stretches back to legend. Mount Ararat, traditionally thought to be the resting place of Noah’s Ark, is part of the Caucasus

Part 2 - The Two Edens

WarErnest ClementComment

“Adam lived to the age of 530, outliving Eve by 19 years.”    The Book of Ernest, p. 96  

In the middle of the 20th century mankind received a new revelation, the fifth revelation to our world, which is a public event available to all. But there are few who have embraced this opening up of the Heavens. Consciousness of our new revelation has not yet reached the masses, for good and divine reasons, we must assume. For we are being asked to change our minds about a great many prejudices we hold dear. 

Part 1 - Reading History Backwards

EducationErnest ClementComment

Nearly 40 years ago, as an enticement for joining the Book of the Month Club, I received the magisterial history series, The Story of Civilization, in eleven volumes, by Will and Ariel Durant. As a young man I read volume eleven, The Age of Napoleon (1975), and reread the same years later. Now, retired from my public career and with leisure to spare, I am reading the entire series backwards, starting with volume ten. And then I propose to reread the whole series forwards, maybe then to gain a firm sense of the sweep of history, albeit with a decided emphasis on the civilization of the West that has deposited me here in the South of our United States. The quote above is from the fourth volume, which covers the medieval civilizations – Christian, Islamic, and Judaic  - from A.D. 325 to 1300. The whole series is an incomparable gift of labor and love to humanity that I cannot imagine will ever be repeated.