Part 2 - The Two Edens

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Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

Adam lived to the age of 530, outliving Eve by 19 years.
— "The Book of Ernest" p. 96

In the middle of the 20th century mankind received a new revelation, the fifth revelation to our world, yet consciousness of this fact has not reached the masses. We are being challenged to change our minds about a great many prejudices we hold dear, and we all know how fierce we can be in our beliefs, even when we are wrong. We learn by our own hard experience, so we also know this must be for good and divine reasons.

The fifth revelation is a text in English of 2097 pages, introduced by 66 pages laying out the contents. This is The Urantia Book, published in 1955. The authors are a group of celestial personalities who inform us that Urantia is the name of our world. This is such a massive undertaking to read and digest, we may be forgiven the slow reception. 

The first four revelations to our world is a story of such supernal grandeur as never told before. I will circle back around to our first revelation, which was some 500,000 years ago, but for now let us start with Adam and Eve, who were our second revelation. Dispatched from the Heavens over 37,000 years ago, Adam and Eve were rematerialized here as immortals eating of the tree of life, on a mission of biologic uplift to the human races.

That mission ended in default and their consequent loss of immortality. Understanding what happened requires some knowledge of the first revelation and intervening history, and we will begin that exploration in my next blog.

My purpose here is to call your attention again to the ancient city of Baghdad, which in our time has been a target for the blunt “shock and awe” of the American military. Baghdad, we now can deduce from The Urantia Book, was the location for the second garden of Eden. The first Garden of Eden was located on a peninsula of land, long since submerged, protruding westward from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Adam and Eve were forced to vacate the first Garden, not by God, but by concern for their own safety and of those who worked with them in the Garden. They settled the second garden of Eden in the area where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers draw close together and a defense wall could be built, precisely the location of Baghdad.

In some accounts, Baghdad has been called the City of God. Now we know why. It has to be one of the great ironies of history that the Americans, who think of themselves as exceptional, who believe that they are upholding the Word of God, would in their willful ignorance have deliberately laid waste the ground chosen by Adam and Eve to establish their second garden of Eden, where for the love of humanity they would live out the remainder of their mortal lives.

Eventually even our children will know the story of Adam and Eve and of the miscarriage of their mission of biologic uplift to the human races. The revealed truth will supersede the myth of Adam and Eve and the apple. There is speculation that Adam and Eve will return here, and in a series of blogs I want to prepare you for that possibility. 

Their mission ended in default but not in defeat, so stay tuned.

Ernest Clement