Part 5 - Andon and Fonta

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Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

In many respects, Andon and Fonta were the most remarkable pair of human beings that have ever lived on the face of the earth.
— The Urantia Book, p. 711

What defines us as human is the will to be perfect. We possess an inner sense of knowing perfection, and the imperfection of time gnaws at us and drives us to be more perfect. All living things evidence within them this hunger for perfection. Only human beings pause self-consciously to reflect. How amazing!

The first human beings were the twins, Andon and Fonta, who founded the human race 993,000 years ago. Their parents were a different species, called Primates by The Urantia Book, a species decidedly superior to all the primates, the apes and monkeys, we know about. The Primates had perfect thumbs and feet and stood erect, but were not human. Andon and Fonta appeared suddenly, not by any gradual mutation, and were physically superior to and radically different from their parents. Evolution is creativity in time, and this was an eruption of the creativity on tap.

Andon and Fonta were human for being unique original personalities who could know other persons, and be known. We know by virtue of our capacity for self-reflection; we are self-conscious; our animals are not. Being human is a quality of mind; the sudden appearance of this superior animal was the first to accommodate that quality of mind.

In our experience, what does this mean? It is evident there are many capacities of mind we share with our animals. My dog Sophia has intuitions and understands things; in the right circumstance, she is courageous; she has knowledge; she has the friendly urge to herd with other dogs, in fact with other mammals generally, if they will permit. But all this falls short of conceiving of perfection, of knowing and marveling that we are creations. Dear companion that she is, Sophia has no way to conceive of divinity, or to worship a Creator, or to achieve the wisdom that comes from worship.

The ministry of mind to all intelligent life is by seven adjutant mind-spirits that are given simple names. In order of evolutionary attainment these adjutant mind-spirits are: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. The first five of the mind-spirits, up through counsel, are able to function in animal minds. All seven of these mind-spirits must function for mind to be human. When the last two mind-spirits, the adjutant mind-spirits of worship and wisdom, began to function in the minds of Andon and Fonta, they were recognized as human, the first humans.

The culmination of organic evolution is always the appearance of human will. In the case of Andon and Fonta, human will appeared when they decided to segregate themselves from their inferior ancestors. To conserve the newly appearing potentials of mankind the twins fled north toward the cold of the glaciers, safely away from contact with their inferiors, and along the way discovered the secrets of fire. Thus, they were able to survive the harsh conditions to found the human race. Wisdom had for the first time begun to function on Urantia, that being the name of our world.

Ernest Clement