Part 3 - Lake Van

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Artwork by Michael Provard

Artwork by Michael Provard

The followers of Van early withdrew to the highlands west of India, where they were exempt from attacks by the confused races of the lowlands...
— The Urantia Book p. 759

Lake Van is a large saltwater lake in eastern Turkey, south of the Caucasus Mountains, which extend across the neck of land separating the Black Sea from the Caspian Sea. The Caucasus are the highest mountains in Europe and form the border with Asia at the periphery of ancient empires of Turkey, Iran, and Russia, where history stretches back to legend. Mount Ararat, traditionally thought to be the resting place of Noah’s Ark, is part of the Caucasus.

When I was a young man people of my race thought of themselves as Caucasian, though I do not hear this term used so much now. We had this idea of an ancient mix of peoples arising in the area of the Caucasus having racial characteristics that we consider as belonging to the white race. I read recently that the Kurdish people were thought to have originated from the area around Lake Van. As you may have heard in conjunction with our numerous wars, the Kurds are spread across areas of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran and would very much like to have their own country. After the First World War when the British and French partitioned that area of the world with straight lines drawn across the sand, the Kurds were left out. With a population now over 30 million, they are currently the largest ethnic minority in the world without their own country.

You might be curious as to the origin of the name of Lake Van, and wonder – who was Van? None of our histories go back far enough to uncover his name, but from The Urantia Book, our fifth revelation, we now know that Van was the individual who undertook to prepare the first Garden of Eden to receive Adam and Eve, the second revelation to our world. That was only 37,000 years ago, but Van had lived here continuously for over 450,000 years before that.

The story of Van begins with our first revelation 500,000 years ago. In my next blog I will begin sharing the essentials to understanding Van and his part of the first revelation. This story has so many aspects any path I choose will be straightforward and worth your while I trust.

For Van was an immortal and the hero of his age.


Ernest Clement