Part 4 – The Implantation of Life

Ernest ClementComment
Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC

Mankind on Urantia must solve its problems of mortal development with the human stocks it has – no more races will evolve from prehuman sources throughout all future time.
— The Urantia Book, p. 734

To even broach the idea of a “first revelation” presumes there is someone who would benefit from such a revealing. So how did we get here? The fact of our existence is too miraculous to believe that life just spontaneously erupted from the primordial soup, or that from simpler forms of life, over eons of time, we slowly evolved to be human.

Specific celestial beings were directly responsible for the implantation of life on planet earth. The Urantia Book designates our little corner of the universe of universes a local universe, which will embrace a total of 10 million inhabited worlds. On practically all of these worlds there will be implantations of life, just like on our world, always with one purpose in Mind: that humans like ourselves will evolve, who will wonder at the miracle of it all, and speculate as we do about our Creator. The celestials call us “mortal ascenders.” Our bodies may be adapted or designed for planetary conditions widely dissimilar to our own, but in every case we will be animals who stand erect on two feet. Mortal ascenders are always erect bipeds. The celestials call us “ascenders” because our destiny is to ascend to Heaven, if we so choose.

And this state of being “human,” with a capacity to speculate about our Creator, is the inevitable result of the evolutionary process that begins with the implantation of life.

Our planet was registered as suitable for inhabitation 1 billion years ago, yet the celestials still had a long wait before conditions were suitable for the implantation of life. About 550 million years ago these celestials, the Life Carrier corps, organized and made “three original, identical, and simultaneous marine-life implantations” (p. 667). Only the central or Eurasian-African implantation would result in the emergence of human beings, slightly less than 1 million years ago.

And although eons of time elapsed, the milestones of evolutionary ascent happened suddenly. The first land animals appeared suddenly 210 million years ago; the first reptiles appeared suddenly 140 million years ago; the first birds appeared suddenly 55 million years ago; the first mammals appeared suddenly 50 million years ago, and so on.

The first two human beings, truly remarkable, were twins, one male and one female, and they appeared suddenly a little over 993,000 years ago. Upon our resurrection on the first of the mansion worlds, as we begin our long ascent to Paradise, they wait to greet us. This must be their choice for now because they are destined for Paradise, the same as we are.


Ernest Clement