Part 6 – Half a Million Years

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Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC 

Artwork by Michael Provard, Asheville, NC 

Childbirth was not a painful or distressing ordeal to Fonta and her immediate progeny.
— The Urantia Book, p. 714

Andon and Fonta had nineteen children and lived to the age of forty-two, when both were killed in an earthquake. Their first child, Sontad, assumed leadership and this original Andonic clan held together for twenty generations. Andon and Fonta were about thirteen when their first child was born, so assuming Fonta was still having children at the time of her death this gives you some idea of their procreativity.

Meanwhile, to see how truly remarkable Andon and Fonta were, let us step back and look at the big picture. In the Heavens, beyond the planetary level, the lowest level of administration and organization is designated a system. We live in the system of Satania, which will eventually consist of 1,000 inhabited worlds. Our world, Urantia, is number 606 of Satania.

Systems are aggregated into constellations, and constellations into local universes. A constellation consists of 100 systems, and a local universe consists of 100 constellations. We live on the planet of Urantia, in the system of Satania, in the constellation of Norlatiadek, in the local universe of Nebadon.

None of these names are crucially important to remember right now, but to understand our history it is crucial to gain a general sense of where we are in the universe of universes. 1,000 worlds in a system, times 100 constellations, times 100 constellations in a local universe, means there will be 10 million inhabited worlds in our little corner of the universe. Our local universe has a Sovereign whose bestowal of himself as a mortal will be an epochal event, the defining event, in our history.

When we say “Sovereign” we mean that time and space are under his control. Literally. No exaggeration. We live in a universe of miracles. Literally. Our Sovereign has our situation in hand, no exceptions, no ifs ands or buts. And when we say “in hand,” we mean as if in the Hand of God. Literally, and actually.

Every tenth planet, every decimal planet, is designated a life-experiment world, and Urantia is a decimal world. On our world the Life Carriers were permitted to attempt an improvement in the standard life designs.

The appearance of this aboriginal race of Andon and Fonta, the Andonites, was part of the experiment of the Life Carriers and their superiors.

Urantia, our world, is the only world in our system of 1,000 worlds where an aboriginal race appeared before the appearance of the colored races. And these Andonites, our original race, were left here to make their way on a savage world, without any direct celestial supervision, for a half a million years. Again, part of the experiment.

These Andonites were fierce flesh-eating fighting animals, but human, and not one whit less fierce, or human, than we. To appreciate how sublimely stubborn we can be, consider where we came from. 


Ernest Clement