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The reason for The Book of Ernest and this site begins with a revelation and a miracle.

From my earliest memories I have had an inner sense of our Creator who shares infinite love, but then, in answer to all our prayers, Heaven descended.

Two books appeared—first, The Urantia Book (a revelation, 1955), and second, A Course in Miracles (a miracle, 1976). In my thirties I found the revelation, in my forties the miracle, which with matchless grace perfectly fulfills the revelation.

According to the revelation our planetary progress has not been by the normal plan. We know the challenge of our experience is the opportunity of the millennium. The miracle is proof an extraordinary celestial speedup is underway.

So why is there such suffering on our tired and confused world? Our choice must be love over fear, which unleashes within us the power of Heaven to create a new world.

The whole universe is poised in wonder to witness the miracle of our ascension to Unity and Light.

Ernest  Clement

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Ernest Clement, Author and Speaker

Let’s take this clear path to Love together.

Let’s take this clear path to Love together.