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Into the Light Together

Is the challenge of our experience the opportunity of the millennium?

Lois ClementComment

Audio Text : Why am I saying we have the opportunity of the millennium?

 Everyone is at least viscerally aware that as a planet we are approaching some sort of point of no return, after which the living conditions here must inexorably be diminished for all. Or, so it seems! The pressures of increasing population, coupled with our increasing consumption of resources which seem finite, and the grotesque disparity of our accumulations of wealth seem to point that way.

But truly, what is our situation? Is such pessimism warranted?

Let us consider what a “normal” planet would look like. If our planet had followed the normal course of events, we would have a celestial supervisor, a Planetary Prince here, and he would be accompanied by a corps of corporeal helpers whom we could see, and these helpers would be immortal. And the Prince’s city, the spiritual capital for our planet, and his entourage would have been here, continuously, for at least half a million years.

 The Prince and his corporeal helpers would possess the authority of the Heavens, and with half a million years of continuous history as a backing, imagine what authority they would possess!

If our planet had followed the normal course of events, not only would our Planetary Prince be here, resident in our world spiritual capital, but our biological uplifters, our Adam and Eve, would have been here, as immortals, for going on 40 thousand years, with children numbering in the millions. And the children of Adam and Eve would be having children with the races of our world, would be undertaking the biologic uplifting and blending of all our races, and of every mix of race.

Imagine the authority Adam and Eve would possess, if they had lived here continuously for upwards of 40 thousand years, with the prospect of living forever, with progeny numbering in the millions, which shows us they had actually already been here for tens of thousands of years, and counting.

If that were the reality on our planet, how many naysayers would we have among us? how many dissidents would there be, independent thinkers who claimed all this was not true, that the traditions of the Planetary Prince were a fantasy, that Adam and Eve were not who they said they were? that the Universal Father was not real?

Would we not all of us fall into conformity with the evidence of our eyes?

 We have an unparalleled opportunity of the millennium because we can choose with the eyes of faith, sight unseen. Our planet is, in fact, approaching a point of no return, and the path forward will not resemble the path we are leaving behind.

 We have the unparalleled opportunity to co-create with the Universal Father this new era of Unity and Light that dawns upon us, and we will do so in faith, sight unseen. We only know the Universal Father’s Truth with faith, and no other way.

 I, for one, would rather, in faith, co-create with the Universal Father this new era of Unity and Light. This is the path of accelerated progress. I believe you, too, would rather accept this challenge than conform to the herd. The people of our planet, we know, are fierce spirits for the truth. We would not want to be any other way!