Ernest has spent a lifetime in study of the events and culture of this planet from perspectives not yet widely recognized. Family and faith have been his bedrock as one who is devoted to sharing the good news of who we are and the one choice we must each make. 

The Book of Ernest

The Book of Ernest is a powerful, loving call to awareness of the awakening to our true selves, and to a new epoch of our planetary ascension in progress now.  Published in 2012, this book took decades of preparation and 14 years to write. Ernest's intention was to find the most exquisite, meaningful resources and bring them to wide awareness, in a personal communication to those ready to hear and join in the shift to spiritual values and a better world.


The long anticipated awakening of mankind on our world is happening now. For this awakening, humanity recently received two books of epochal significance. The first book is a revelation inspiring awe. The second is a miracle inspiring gratitude. Ernest combines and stirs the truth and wisdom of these two books into a powerful expression of the divine framework underpinning humanity’s Shift into a new era of unity consciousness. In kindness and humility, he explains how we are mindlessly relinquishing our power to other people and institutions in order to “save” ourselves. Yet we are perfect creations in a divine training program for eternal service, and our nightmare of a world that does not honor the value of each of us and all creation is ending.

Woven into the book are these themes:

  • Our journey through celestial geography;
  • Introduction to the personalities who administer the universe of universes;
  • History of our world from eternal celestial perspectives;
  • Explanation of who we really are in terms of our creation, body, soul, personality, spirit, and destiny;
  • Eternal truths given to us from perfection; and
  • The awakening of the fellowship of mankind , radically shifting our political, social, and economic systems
We are God’s own perfect children, and this is not some gruesome experiment about to fail.
— The Book of Ernest
The only sovereignty on earth resides in the fellowship of mankind.
— The Book of Ernest


The Clement family is diverse and supportive of the special talents, passions, and contributions of each person. They love to be outdoors, cook together, travel, and play cards together but nothing too serious or competitive. They also love to dream together a fresh new world. 

Ernest has been a lifetime resident of the southeastern United States. He is a devoted husband and father. He had a career of over 30 years working for the federal government in a capacity that gave him invaluable experience helping our most needy citizens. He has spent decades in thoughtful study of spirituality, politics, economics, and events of the world seeking the facts and a loving perspective  of our dilemma here. Ernest has spent his life weaving A Course in Miracles and The Urantia Book into his own personality and experiences to give the world an amazing unified view of this universe, our world, and ourselves.  

Lois is a retired public school educator with extensive interest in gardening and engaging the abundance of natural and spirit worlds. She works with website, marketing, and other business related responsibilities. 

Arborvitae Junction Press

A Clement family company, located in Asheville, North Carolina, was organized primarily for the purposes of publishing and distributing Ernest’s works. ArborVitae Junction supports the integrity of the copyright, makes major decisions, and manages the legal and financial aspects of the company. The name ArborVitae Junction was inspired by the two giant arborvitae trees in our previous front yard. Translated, arborvitae means tree of life, a symbol of divine nourishment. Our intention is to promote deeper levels of dialogue about ourselves and this world to facilitate humanity’s shift to unity consciousness.