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The Book of Ernest by Ernest Clement is an extraordinary journey through time and space, our origin and our destiny, and the global unraveling. Ernest is someone who has lived and worked in the ordinary world and by all appearances may be said to be an average "Joe". Nevertheless he has stepped up to do his part for our "Awakening to Grandeur".


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Ernest has been a lifetime resident of the southeastern United States. He is a devoted husband and father. He had a career of over 30 years working for the federal government in a capacity that gave him invaluable experience helping our most needy citizens.

Arborvitae Junction Press

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A Clement family company, located in Asheville, North Carolina, was organized primarily for the purpose of publishing and distributing Ernest’s works. ArborVitae Junction supports the integrity of the copyright, makes major decisions, and manages the legal and financial aspects of the company.