The Book of Ernest

Into the Light Together

In light of two epochal events, we remember the truth of Who we are. 

The Book of Ernest


a revelation and a miracle that change everything

The Book of Ernest, published in 2012, is a call to gather in Truth. As evolving spirits, we should expect celestial updates. That time has come. This Ernest shares with you, as the Heavens are now open.


The long-anticipated awakening of mankind is happening now. We received two books of epochal significance, a revelation inspiring awe and a miracle inspiring gratitude. Ernest distills the truth and wisdom of these two books, powerfully expressing the divine framework for our transition into a new era of Unity and Light. In kindness and humility, he explains how we have mindlessly relinquished our power in order to “save” ourselves. We are perfect creations in a divine training program for eternal service. Together, we embrace this adventure of the ages.

Woven into his book are these themes:

  • A tour of celestial geography;

  • Introduction to the personalities who administer the universe of universes;

  • History of our world from celestial perspectives;

  • Explanation of Who we are—our personality, spirit, and destiny;

  • The awakening of the fellowship of mankind; and

  • A new vision for our political, social, and economic systems.