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Why is the universe watching our progress?

Lois ClementComment

Why is the universe watching our progress?

Actually, we could expand that question—why are the universe of universes watching our progress?

200,000 years ago, one of our spiritual supervisors led a rebellion against the Universal Father and as a consequence our world has for all that time suffered under spiritual quarantine. All our circuits of universe news have been shut down, but that quarantine is being lifted. We know this because recently our world received our 5th revelation, The URANTIA Book, which is the first step in lifting the quarantine.

2,000 years ago, our Creator Son ended the rebellion, and now He is the Master Son of his universe. Being a Master Son means all “power in heaven and on earth” is in his hands, personally. But he is also the Planetary Prince of our world. We believe there has never been a Master Son who was also a Planetary Prince. Literally the whole of the universe of universes is expectantly wondering what he will do next!

Currently, we are receiving massive celestial support for the final lifting of the quarantine. Our Master Son has promised to return personally to our world and his mercy will be lifting us into the Light. All the universes are in a state of the highest expectation for his new manifestation of the power and the glory of our Universal Father!

This new happening will be on our world. Let us add the power of our devotion to his. Our Master Son believes in us. Let us believe in him!