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What was abnormal about our planetary progress?

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What was abnormal about our planetary progress?

First off, we are an experimental planet. The celestials, who implanted life here, our Life Carriers, were permitted to attempt an improvement in the standard life designs.

Second, for almost a half a million years, our aboriginal race was left on their own, in a fierce battle for survival, without any direct celestial supervision or assistance.

About 500,000 years ago, our celestial supervision did arrive, our Planetary Prince, but after a loyal reign of 300,000 years, he was swept up in rebellion. As a consequence, we have been under spiritual quarantine for the last 200,000 years, and isolated from the normal circuits of communication with the Heavens.

All this is covered in considerable depth by The URANTIA Book, which is the most recent revelation to our world. Section I of my book, The Book of Ernest, summarizes this history for you. This is supremely important for our understanding of Who we are. My hope is to be enlightening and enjoyable in the process.

That was a good question! Thank you! Ernest Clement